How to enlarge your penis ?

thanks to a meeting with a former porn actor, 2 secrets that the porn industry does not want you to know?

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My name is Adrian. This is a blog about 2 secrets the porn industry doesn't want you to know.

Hello everybody!

Recently I went through one of the most embarrassing phases of my life and started to live like a real man.

I start this blog to share the story I went through.
It all had to do with the size of my penis.

Not so long ago, my personal life was ruined when I found out that my girlfriend was cheating on me. She loved me, I could see it in her eyes. I couldn't figure out why she lied to me.

She was very strong, she told me that I could never satisfy her physically. My cock wasn't big enough and most of the time it didn't feel right when we were having sex.

To make matters worse, my cock was an average size. Do you still believe everyone who says size doesn't matter? Believe me, they have no idea what they are talking about. The size of your penis matters and women like it big.
The pain I went through...

Long story short, I ended up breaking up with my girlfriend. And my personal life and self-esteem went into a downward spiral afterwards.

It got to a point where I was almost ashamed to be naked in front of a girl - I knew that when I thought I was fucking with her in bed, she probably laughed at me from the inside, compared the size of my dick. I knew I wasn't manly enough to satisfy women.

And while my small penis forced me to avoid women for the potential embarrassment that usually followed, I started watching porn. A lot.

If only you could see the envy in my eyes when I saw the size of pornstars cocks...
The day that changed my life

One day while watching a threesome video, the guy with the massive 23cm cock banging a girl from behind looked very familiar. Ah yes, it was my friend Alex from high school. The world is small!

But how could it be? I vividly remembered sneaking his cock into the shower room and it was the best medium.

How could he transform from nothing special while sporting that huge cock, which was big enough to make those hot porn-star babes scream for him to stop. I just had to know how it happened. So, I sent him a message asking about it.

Little did I know that a single message was about to change my life forever...for good.
Your penis is a muscle

To be honest, I didn't really expect Alex to respond to my message. But he did.

It was a long post, but it mentioned two secrets about the porn industry that not only shocked me, but changed my life forever. Do you want to know what these two secrets were?

Secret #1: Your penis is just another muscle in your body. Just like any muscle, it can grow in size.

Quick warning - your penis is one of the most sensitive muscles in your body. Don't do stupid things like try to stretch with those funny machines - you can end up damaging it forever.

Secret #2: Just as professional bodybuilders use supplements to grow muscle in their bodies, almost all porn stars use supplements to increase the size of their penis.

This is the fastest, safest and most efficient way to go about it.

Alex told me that most porn stars used to have average sized cocks. Almost all of them took the same supplements that Alex made their penis grow bigger.
For your imagination: Some pictures people have sent me
Mark - gained 3cm in 34 days.
Philippe - gained 6 cm in 89 days.
Bruno – gained 7 cm in 52 days.
Thomas – gained 6.5 cm in 73 days.
I decided to try

Like I said earlier, I was almost at a point where I wasn't even considering painful and extremely expensive surgery. Trying a few supplements was a hundred times easier and inexpensive.

I had nothing to lose. So, I did. I ordered the same supplements Alex had used.

I order xtrasize..

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